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Listado de noticias en Inglés

Vatican To Honor Women At International Event


Inspired by the desire of Pope Francis “to broaden the space within the Church for a more incisive feminine presence”, Voices of Faith (VoF) will celebrate International Women’s Day at the Vatican Cinema.

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Overestimatio Of Abortion Deaths In Mexico Hinders Maternal Mortality Reduction Efforts


A collaborative study conducted in Mexico by researchers of the University of West Virginia-Charleston (USA), Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (Mexico),Universidad de Chile and the Institute of Molecular Epidemiology of the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (Chile), revealed that IPAS-Mexico overestimated rates of maternal and abortion mortality up to 35% over the last two decades. “These results directly contradict the figures recently reported by researchers from the IPAS-Mexico, who not only fail to detect a significant progress in maternal health since 1990, but also substantially overestimated maternal mortality rates in Mexico” said Elard Koch, the Chilean epidemiologist that led the research.

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An African Woman's Open Letter To Melinda Gates


Growing up in a remote town in Africa, I have always known that a new life is welcomed with much mirth and joy. In fact we have a special "clarion" call (or song) in our village reserved for births and another special one for marriages...

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